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Although the link between employees’ work satisfaction and customer satisfaction has been studied extensively in the literature, research has neglected conditions under which the link between the two constructs is stronger or weaker. This work extends previous research by studying employee and customer characteristics that moderate the relationship between the two constructs. Thus, this research provides new insights into the relationship between employees’ work satisfaction and customer satisfaction by addressing the question: Under which circumstances is the relationship between salespeople’s work satisfaction and customer satisfaction stronger or weaker?

Specifically, the findings of this study show that a salesperson’s work satisfaction does have an impact on customer satisfaction. It is particularly important that this study has demonstrated the presence of this relationship based on dyadic data. Moreover, aside from the direct effect between the two constructs, work satisfaction has also been shown to have an indirect effect on customer satisfaction through the mediating construct of a salesperson’s customer orientation. This study also shows that there are contingency factors that systematically strengthen or weaken the relationship between employees’ work satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

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    討論雖然鏈接在雇員的工作滿意和用戶滿意之間廣泛地被學習了在文學, 研究忽略了下鏈接在二修建之間是強或微弱的情況在。這工作擴大早先研究由學習減輕關係在二修建之間的雇員和顧客特徵。因而, 這研究提供新洞察入關係在雇員的工作滿意和用戶滿意之間由論及問題: 在哪情況下關係是在推銷員的工作滿意和用戶滿意之間強或微弱的? 具體地, 這項研究的研究結果表示, 推銷員的工作滿意有對用戶滿意的衝擊。它特別重要, 這項研究展示了這個關係出現根據二的資料。而且, 除直接效應之外在二修建之間, 工作滿意並且被顯示有一個間接作用在用戶滿意通過推銷員的顧客取向的斡旋修建。這項研究並且表示, 有加強或系統地減弱關係在雇員的工作滿意和用戶滿意之間的意外情況因素。

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