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請問何謂 Bovis scale?

如題, 請問Bovis scale的中文翻譯和說明?目前只知道這是屬於奈米應用的想知道它的單位為何?該如何測量?謝謝!!

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    What is Bovis?

    The Life Force Index or Bovis Scale was named after a French physicist Antoine Bovis, who postulated this scale while doing research among the Great Pyramids of Egypt in the 1930's. This Bovis Energy Scale which measures "Natural Earth Energy", ranges from zero to infinity.

    The Bovis Scale quantifies or measures how positively or negatively charged a substance is. For living organisms, the key reference point on the scale is found at 6,500 Bovis energy units. From 0 to 6,500 Bovis, the charge is in the NEGATIVE range, or life-detracting; while above the 6,500 Bovis point, the energy gradually becomes more POSITIVE, or life-enhancing.

    The desired minimal energy level for humans is found between 8,000 to 10,000 Bovis, or slightly positive. The Earth itself creates energy in the 7,000 to 18,000 range. This energy is also referred to as "Biophotons", which are light particles invisible to our eyes. This positive energy is necessary to the maintenance on Earth.

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    基本上,共同的說法為: Bovis Scale 是有關生物能量的量測,與電子自旋方向相關.


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