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[急!][文法訂正]Activity experience


I like to do service activities, such as volunteer for hospital and tutor.

Moreover, in order to extend my knowledge and try to challenge myself,

I joined some service activities such as filing online income tax returns for

who can\'t read or use computer; I was an assistant for X Contest;

I was also a member of School Traffic Safety Team.

And all of these took patience and concentration and had sense of duty.

I enjoy taking part contests and camps for fun,

and I think I am not only had some camp activity and competition experiences

but also could visit other cities of Taiwan.





Update 2:

"who can't read or use computer"


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    I enjoy servicing (享受為人服務這樣說就可以了), such as tutoring or volunteering for hospital.

    Moreover, in order to expand my knowledge and challenge myself, I joined service activities such as helping those who can't read or use computer to file online income tax returns, assisting for X contest, and being a member of School Traffic Safety Team.

    All of these require patience, concentration, and responsibility.

    I enjoy attending contests and camps, and think that I can visit other cities in Taiwan with my experiences in camp activity and competition.

    最後一句有些怪怪的 所以我改成 你喜歡參與競賽和露營 並且覺得有了這些露營與參賽經驗 你可以去台灣其他城市參觀

    2006-04-17 15:16:27 補充:

    「不識字(不會寫字)或不會用電腦的人」這是指兩種人 之前以為你是指看不懂或不會用電腦的人不識字就是文盲=illiterate所以第二句逗點過後該改成...helping illiterate or people who do not know how to use computers to file online income tax returns

    2006-04-17 15:20:14 補充:

    最後一段I enjoy camping and attending contests. Joining these activities not only allowed me to aquire related experiences, but also gave me chances to travel around Taiwan.

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