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請幫忙英翻中...有關J. K. Rowling..急件..

As Harry Potter fans besiege book stores teh world over to grab the eagerly awaited sixth instalment of the series, some luck admirers were able to attend a special reading by teh author herself. Paula Hancocks reports on the magical adventure of J. K. Rowling.

A welcome you\'d normally expect for a rock star. The woman who brought the world Harry Potter has secured a place in a generation\'s hearts. Aphenomenal rise to stardom she can hardly believe herself.

The first reading I ever did, there were two people who\'d wandered into teh basement of Waterstone\'s mistake and were too polite to leave when they saw someone was doing a reading and they had to get all the staff in teh shop downstairs to bulk out the crowd a bit.

Two hundred and fifty million copies later, she could certainly hold her own in Waterstones these days. Teh boy Wizard has make Rowling teh most successful author of her time.

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    哈利波特迷包圍全世界的書店(我想你不小心把the打成teh),搶購期待已久的小說第六集,部份幸運兒有機會可以參加由作者本人主持的讀書會,Paula Hancocks (記者名字可以翻遲寶拉漢考克斯)帶您一起體驗JK羅琳的魔術之旅。




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    因為哈里陶瓷工風扇圍攻書店teh 世界劫掠系列的熱切地等候的第六就職, 一些運氣欽佩者能出席特別讀書由teh 作者。Paula Hancocks 報告關於J. K. Rowling 魔術的冒險。

    您通常會期望為搖滾明星的歡迎。帶來世界哈里陶瓷工的婦女鞏固了一個地方在世代的心臟。Aphenomenal 上升對stardom 她能幾乎不自信。

    第一讀書我曾經, 有會漫步入Waterstone 的差錯的teh 地下室的二個人並且太禮貌以至於不能離開當他們看見某人做□讀書並且他們必須得到所有職員在teh 商店樓下對大塊在人群之外位元。

    二百和五十百萬個拷貝以後, 她能一定舉行她自己在Waterstones 那些日子。Teh 男孩巫術師有做Rowling teh 多數成功的作者她的時間。

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