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題目是 If I were a junior high school again

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題目是 If I were a junior high school student again

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    If I Were a Junior High School Student AgainIf I were a junior high school student again, I would pay more attention at class, because now I realize how important the basic foundation of knowledge is.  I didn't study enough when I was in junior high school.  I was fooling around with some fair-weather friends in Internet cafes, video playgrounds, and I was busy arguing and fighting with others. If I were a junior high school student again, I would bravely say sorry to my best friend, who was mistaken by me for a long time, yet I hadn't got the guts to tell him how sorry I was.  I was young and rude in junior high school, and I seldom had the patience to listen to what people said to me, especially those who were close to me.  Thus, I misunderstood my best friend' intention of doing me good by advising me that I shouldn't cheat in the exam.  If I were a junior high school student again, I would correct my mistakes at the very beginning, and I wouldn't let my parents worry about me so much.  Both my parents were only a little over forty, their hair was scaringly white.  They have been worried about too many things, including my traitorous adolescence.All in all,I can't have the miserable past changed a bit, but I will make it a reality to have a bright future.  What's done is done, and no regrets can bring the past back.  I am in deep introspection now, and I know I won't take any wrong steps from now on.Ps.  大概只有三分鐘...你可以再加入一些別的,使用現在假設法參雜過去的事實,只要再一個例子左右,就能有四分鐘了,這樣就不會都是別人的經驗了。          

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    自己自愛一點  上來知是要演講稿的已經不佔少數



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    The theme of death: snow

    This fiction stands out from its fourteen companions because, however similar in theme, it seems denser, more elaborate, and by every common standard greater.

    This imagistic process, attending Gabriel’s moral process and expanding, while deepening, our sense if it, is connected, as we have noticed, with the more considerable system of cold and snow. Gabriel’s enlargement centered in the snow. His galoshes reveal his dislike, even fear, of the snow that covers his shoulders. Liking snow, Gretta dislikes galoshes. Gabriel imagines the refreshing coldness of Phoenix Park outside the windows and the cap of snow on the Wellington Monument, plainly visible from the windows. Phallic in shape, yet a memorial to the dead, this monument in the Park is as ambiguous as the snow that caps it, flashing

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