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Diana asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


請問had happened 和 There were something happened yesterday 是對的嗎? 謝謝~

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  • Polly
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    2 decades ago
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    關於 “happen” 的用法呢,有兩種用法,當 “happen” 的主詞是以「事物」為主的時候,那 “happen” 就會解釋為「發生」的意思,例如:A terrible car accident happened.,這句的意思是「一場可怕的車禍發生了」。但是 “happen” 也有以「人」為主詞放在句首的情況,那此時的 “happen” 就會解釋成「碰巧」的意思,例如:I happen to meet my classmate, Tina, in the library.,這句話解釋成「我碰巧在公園遇到我的同班同學,Tina」。另外,“happen” 也可以用來問對方「怎麼了」,寫法是 “What happened to you?” 跟 “What’s up?”、“What’s wrong with you?”、“What’s the matter with you?” 等意思相同。然而 “There was something happened yesterday.” 這句話,若是就上面的解說來看,應該多加一個關係代名詞 “which” 在happened的前面可能會比較適當,因為這句話本來應該是由兩個句子合併出來的 (There was something. Something happened yesterday. )。

    至於 “had happened” 的用法,這應該是用在「過去完成式」的時態句型,就是 “had + Vp.p.” 的用法。而過去完成式的用法常用在與過去事實相反的假設語氣,例如:If that accident hadn’t happened, we would have felt very happy.,解釋成「假如那件意外沒有發生的話,那我們就會感到非常高興」,但是事實上是已經發生了。

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