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幫我找墾丁的英文介紹 謝謝 急急急





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    Dazzling bright sunshine, azure blue seawater, clean shining sand beach…, This is Taiwan’s first national park-Kenting, renowned for its rich landscape of hills and water, abundant life, and natural resources for everyone’s enjoyment.


    Kenting National Park is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. With warm climate, pleasant scenery, and easy access, it is one of the most popular resorts, attracting millions of both domestic and foreign tourists every year. The diversified terrain and tropical climate of Kenting have helped breed a rich and fertile vegetation ranging from upland to coast with a full variety of living species.Combined with its existing facilities and professional interpretation services and activities, this national park offers a profound, insightful, and inspirational ecological journey. Now, let’s have a faunal and botanic tour within Kenting. The purpose of national parks is to preserve a country's unique landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations, and to serve as resources for science, education, recreation, and enlightenment. All over the world, national parks and reserves are set up where most people agree contain unique or representative resources that deserve to be set aside and preserved by the government.In 1872, the United States gave birth to the world's first national park - Yellowstone National Park, in order to protect Wyoming's remarkable geological curiosities; and today, there are nearly one thousand national parks located in more than a hundred countries on this planet.

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