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請給我read my mind中英對照歌詞~



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    Read my mind

    (Verse 1)

    In your eyes you lok so weary

    Fighting light with dark and dreary

    And even though you cant hear me

    I'll still sing

    You go to church and pray on Sunday

    You think your sins are cleaned that away

    Dont't know forgiveness just begins with you


    If you could read my mind

    Just read my mind

    Then you could see what's behind my eyes

    If you could read my mind

    Get your hand untied

    Cause the battlefield is tired

    (Verse 2)

    Get a little bit stupid sometimes

    Get a litlle bit jealous sometimes

    Sometimes Ill be unfair but that's just me

    But I know that I'm not hiding

    And I wont let your chains bind me

    Because perfection is not the point of this

    (Chorus twice)


    If love made sense

    Then I think there would be a book

    To tell us who is really right and wrong

    But I don't want something simple

    I don't want to sing a normal song

    Let's just close our eyes and let it be

    Cause the battelefield is tired

    (Crous repeats)

    Let's just close our eyes and let it be

    Cause the battelefield is tired


    你的眼睛盡是疲憊 黑暗與憂傷趕走了光芒

    即使你聽不到我 我還是要唱給你聽

    星期日你會到教堂禱告 以為這樣就能洗刷你的罪 卻不知救贖應該求諸於己


    希望你能了解我心 請了解我心 你就能體會我眼底的情意

    希望你能了解我心 釋放被縛的雙手 因為戰場已傷痕累累

    我有時會變得小蠢 有時也會吃點小醋 有時愛耍賴 但這就是我

    我不會裝模作樣 不會讓你束縛我 愛並不要求完美

    Chorus twice

    如果愛情有什麼道理 那應該有一本愛的準則


    但我不要簡單的字句 我不想隨波逐流地唱著

    讓我們閉上雙眼 順其自然 因為戰場已傷痕累累

    Repeats Chorus

    讓我們閉上雙眼 順其自然 因為戰場已傷痕累累

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