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? asked in 教育與參考考試 · 2 decades ago


老闆 歡迎光臨

顧客 你好

老闆 有什麼需要讓我服務的嗎??

顧客 我先找一下我要買的書

老闆 好的

顧客 我找不到我要買的書..請問這裡有國英數的參考書嗎??

老闆 請到左手邊的櫃子上看看

顧客 好的~謝謝

顧客 不好意思,我還是沒有找到

老闆 那抱歉..目前可能缺貨吧.

老闆 請問你很急著需要嗎??

顧客 是的..我正在為考試準備

老闆 那我打電話到公司看看有沒有存貨

顧客 好的

老闆 先生..書可能下禮拜才到喔

顧客 那到時候可以請你們的公司的出貨部門寄到我家嗎??

老闆 可以,到時會請我們的出貨部門寄到你家

顧客 謝謝~那我留下我的電話和住址

顧客 好的~請寫在這邊

顧客 請問最快哪時候可以送到??

老闆 下禮拜四

顧客 好的 謝謝你


顧客 請問是馬先生嗎??

老闆 是的

顧客 書已經寄來了 謝謝你們的服務

老闆 那是應該的

老闆 希望能再度光臨

顧客 恩~我會的 再見

老闆 再見

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    Boss ("B"): Welcome to our shop!

    Customer ("C"): How are you doing?

    B: What can I work for you?

    C: I would like to find the book I want to buy by myself.

    B: Sure!

    C: I can't find it. Could you please tell me where I can find the reference books of Chinese, English and mathematics.

    B: Please see the cabinet on the left side.

    C: ok, thanks!

    But I still can't find any one.

    B: Sorry, it could be out of stock, now.

    Are you in a rush?

    C: Yes, because I am preparing the exam.

    B: I will call and ask if our company has any stock.

    C: Thanks!

    B: Sir, Books will arrive next week.

    C: Could you please send the books to my home?

    B: Sure, I will ask them do so.

    C: Thanks, and I will leave my telephone number and address.

    B: Please write here.

    C: When will be the earliest day that I receive the book?

    B: Next Thursday.

    C: OK, thank you!

    (on the phone....)

    C: Is it Mr. Ma?

    B: Yep

    C: I have received the books. Thanks for your service.

    B: Anytime. Hope to see you soon.

    C: I will. Goodbye.

    B: Goodbye

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