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加州的De Anza College 想 transfer去加大



同埋有無 De Anza 的師兄師姐,可以分享點transfer的意見



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    For mathematics, the best UC schools are: (in this order) UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD.This is based on the ranking of their graduate department in mathematics (2007 ranking, US News America's best graduate schools).  It's slightly different from a bachelor degree, but honestly, there's really not much departmental differences within a school anyways.  For undergrads, it's mostly how good the school is, not how good a specific department in the school is, especially for such a fundamental major as mathematics.  And if you were to rank the schools within UC, it would still be in that order, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD.

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    It would probably still be in that order even if you're talking about mathematics in economics. Berkeley has the better econ program, over UCLA, and then UCSD.

    Source(s): I am a graduate student in genetics~
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    對啊 我朋友在UCB廿MATH喔

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