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    回版主, 可以這麼解釋:"If you are not going to cook these dumplings straight away after you bought it, you must put them in the freezer as soon as you get back.  When you feel like eating them, there is no need to thaw them first. Just turn the box over, give a the box a bit of gentle pat, and the dumplings should come out nicely. After the water is boiled in a pot, just throw the dumplings inside for a short while and they'll be ready to be served in no time. Enjoy your dumplings!"

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    改正: give a the box a bit of gentle pat --> give the box a bit of gentle tap

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    還是不好, 再改一次: give the box a bit of tap另外還有: just throw the dumplings inside -->just throw the dumplings into the boiling water

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    To 武當:

    True! Mines is so clumsy compare to ur answer..

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    直接說: "Please keep dumplings frozen if not consumed on day of purchase. Cooking instructions: Add dumplings to a pan of boiling water and cook for X minutes. Serve drained." 即可.

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    If you are not going to cook these dumplings straight away after you bought it->

    bought it個人建議改成buy them.

    另:give the box a gentle pat

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    The home sells again the handicraft dumpling、meeting the foreign guest hour how I am express with him''if if he buy to return and didn't cook now、have to put at frozen;Want to cook don't need to defrost、wanting turn over the box only to clap the two times can take out the dumpling integrity;The water rolls to throw down the dumpling to cook then.

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    If you have not boiled them, you must put them in freezer immediately.


    When you are going to boil them, only need to turn over the box and pat, and then they will be taken out easily.


    You don't need to defrost. When the water boiled, just throw them into the hot water.




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    If those dumplings are not to be cooked right after buying home, they have to be frozen again. Open up and flip the box and tap to get those dumplings out of it; unfreezing is not required, simply put them into boiling water.

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    If you buy them home and do not boil them right now,you have to put them in the refrigerator.When you wnat to eat,you do not have to wait them until they unfreeze,just turn over the box and hit lightly.And put them into the boiled water until they float up.

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