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  • 2 decades ago
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    A: hi、when did you come back from business trip?

    B: last night. who's that young lady over there?

    A:she's the new secretary.

    B: where's the one before?

    A: he made a BIG mistake. one day he was late、and Chris saw it.

    B: Chris hates it when someone's late. he asks everyone to be on time.

    A: yeah、so i hired May

    B: she looks grogeous(beautiful)

    A: not only good looking、her wroking skill is also good.

    B: do you know if she is married?

    A: i don't know、why are you asking this?

    B: my older brother hasn't have a girlfriend for a long time、introduce them if you get a chance.

    A: um、may be you can ask her.

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  • 2 decades ago


  • 2 decades ago

    A :Hi, when come back from going on errands?

    B :Last night.That young young lady of the that direction is who ?

    A :He is a newly arrived secretary

    B :At first that?

    A :He made a blunder.One day he arrived late, is at the right moment seen by the gram a .

    B :That person of the gram a disliked the other people most to arrive late.His requesting everyone must be on time.

    A :To the 阿 , as a result I employed the MAY .

    B :Her looking is really beautiful.

    A :BE not only look, is his work ability very good.

    B :Do you know he got married?

    A :I don't know, why wanting to ask this?

    B :My elder brother hasn't handed over the girl friend for a long time, the words that have the chance want to introduce a while.

    A :Kidness, perhaps you can ask him.

  • 2 decades ago

    A : Hey, is it back when is on business?

    B : Last night. Whose A is that young young lady there ?

    A : He is a new secretary

    B : Originally that one?

    A : He has made a serious mistake. He has come late one day, it so happened that is seen by Chris.

    B : That person of Chris detests others' coming late. He requires that everybody must be punctual.

    A : To A, I was employed M A Y finally.

    B : She seems really beautiful.

    A : It only seems that his ability to work is very good.

    B : Do you know that he has been married?

    A : I do not know , why ask this?

    B : My brother has not made the girlfriend for a long time, the words having an opportunity want to introduce.

    A : Kindness , perhaps you can ask him .

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