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台灣是個呈南北狹長型的海島,面積約有3.6萬平方公里(14,400平方英哩),位於亞洲大陸東南方、太平洋西岸東亞島弧間,北臨日本、琉球群島,南接菲律賓群島,是往來亞洲各地的樞紐;航空網路四通八達,為非常便利的旅遊地之一。 過去50年台灣創造了舉世聞名的經濟奇蹟,台灣製造的產品行銷全世界,名列世界第14大貿易國,它同時也是中國大陸及東南亞國家外資的主要來源國。

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    Taiwan is that one presents the narrow and long island in the north and south, the area is nearly 36,000 sq. km. (14,400 sq.mi.), when it is arc to lie on the southeast of continent of Asia , island of east Asia of west bank of Pacific Ocean, it is the pivots of the exchanged all parts of Asia to border on the archipelago of Japan , Ryukyu in the north and connect with the Philippines in the south; The aviation network extends in all direction, for one of the very convenient tourist sites. Taiwan has created the well known economic miracle in the past 50 years, the products that Taiwan makes are on sale throughout the whole world, rank world the 14th leading trade country, it China's Mainland and main source country, country in Southeast Asia of foreign capitals too at the same time.


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    Taiwan is an island which presents a south north long type, the area has 36,000 square kilometers(14,400 square miles) around, being located on the southeast of Asian Continent square, island 弧 in East Asia of the Pacific Ocean west coast, the north faces Japan, islands in Liuqiu, the south connects Philippines, is the pivot of the contacts whole Asia;The aviation network is leading everywhere, is one of the tour grounds which makes a convenience of very much. The past 50 years Taiwan created the economic miracle of world famous, the product of the Taiwanese manufacturing sold whole world, the 14 trade country in row world, it also is Mainland China and the main source country of nation foreign capital in Southeast Asia.

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