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鋅銅電池的實驗步驟...急需(20 點)

請問一下有關鋅銅電池詳細ㄉ實驗步驟......謝謝 !!

請問一下有關鋅銅電池詳細ㄉ實驗步驟......謝謝 !!

請問一下有關鋅銅電池詳細ㄉ實驗步驟......謝謝 !!

請問一下有關鋅銅電池詳細ㄉ實驗步驟......謝謝 !!

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    There are two kinds of zinc/copper couples

    1. Simple cell

    Dip the two metals in copper (II) sulphate solution(or other electrolyte).

    Use a connecting wire to connect the two metals .

    As Zinc is higher than Copper in the electrochemical series, zinc loses electrons

    more readily than copper and electrons will flow from zinc to copper through the

    external circuit.

    Ionic half equation(Use Copper (II) sulphate as electrolyte:

    at zinc electrode: Zn→Zn2+ + 2e

    at copper electrode: Cu2+ +2e →Cu(because Cu2+ lower than H+ in electrolyte)

    Disadvantage: When zinc is dipped into copper (II) sulphate solution, there is direct

    electrons transfer from zinc to copper ions in the electrolyte.

    As a result, zinc dissolves rapidly and fewer electrons will flow

    through the external circuit.

    2.Simple cell with salt bridge

    As mensioned by the person above.

    Advantage: No displacement reaction occurs.

    Disadvantage: Electrolyte soaked in salt bridge may dry out.

    Pay attention: The electrolyte soaked in salt bridge should have no reaction with the

    solution in the two half cells.

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