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題目是:Describing about your personal terrible experience of riding a scooter




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  • 1 decade ago
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    My terrible experience of riding a scooter was back to last year, it was in the afternoon, i wasn't feeling well when my friend asked me to go out with her. I did go out with her thought. On the way back , I was very ill, so I decided to stop at the pharmarcy to get the pills. I went to the pharmarcy, and I took the pills there and I thought i would be better soon, so I was ready to go home...but after 5 seconds, I started feeling sick, and wanted to throw up..I tried to hold it, but i couldn't so I threw up while i was riding my scooter...How embarrassing!!! I couldn't stop for the Red light! I hope no one saw that!


    Source(s): 自己親身經驗
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