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我想問tru calling首主題曲叫咩名呀???


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    Tru Calling 的主題曲叫 "Somebody Help Me"

    是由團體 Full Blown Rose 演唱的

    這裡可以看到 "Somebody Help Me" 的 MV:

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    Somebody Help Me 歌詞

    I'm being haunted by whisper

    A chill comes over me

    I've been trapped inside this moment

    I'm not a victim, I'm not a freak

    Free me/ before I slip away

    Heal me/ wake me from this day

    Can somebody help me?

    I've seen the face of affliction of my reality

    I'm being tortured by the future of things

    that are yet to be

    I'm being haunted by a vision

    It's like the moment never comes

    I feel the burden of confusion, always searching... on the run

    Now, I'm not a

    But the weight of the world's is on my soul

    These images burn my eyes

    They're burning me up inside


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