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Patient 2:Bar-supported overdenture using

4 implants

A 77-year-old edentulous Korean woman presented

with an atrophic mandible,complaining of an unstable

mandibular denture causing difficulty in mastication.

Four airborne-particle-abraded and acid-etched

implants(FRIALOC;Dentsply Friadent,Mannheim,Germany),

4mm in diameter and 13 mm in length,

were placed between the mental foramens of the mandible

(Fig.5).The implants were placed as far apart from

each other as anatomically possible to optimize load distribution.

A torque of was applied when inserting the implants.

An impression was made immediately after flap closure using

vinvl polysiloxane impression material(Pentamix;3M ESPE,St. Paul,Minn)

in a metal perforated tray(COE impression Tray; GC America,Alsip,Ill).

A rigid bar(CM-Bar;Cendres & Metaux SA)was fabricated(Fig.6)and inserted

3 days after surgery to assist in preventing potential micromovement

caused by immediately loading the implants with the overdenture(Fig.7).

All steps for overdenture fabrication were completed before placing the implants,

allowing the prosthesis to be inserted immediately after

placement of the bar.

Fig.4. Renoval of 4 transitional implants and attachment of

bar prior to placement of definitive prostheses.

Fig.5. Four implants placed between mental foramens of

edentulous mandible in patient 2.

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    患者2:Bar 支持的overdenture 使用4 根植入管

    一名77 歲的edentulous 韓國婦女出席與一塊衰退下顎骨, 訴說不穩定

    下頷骨假牙導致困難在咀嚼。四空中微粒被磨蝕和implants(FRIALOC;Dentsply 酸被銘刻的Friadent 、曼海姆, 德國), 4mm 直徑和13 毫米長, 被安置了在下顎骨的精神孔之間(Fig.5).The 植入管一樣被安置了除彼此之外當解剖上可能優選裝載發行。扭矩 是應用的當插入植入管。印象留下了在擋水板關閉之後使用vinvl polysiloxane 印象material(Pentamix;3M ESPE, St 。保□, Minn) 在金屬穿孔了tray(COE 印象盤子; GC 美國, Alsip, 不適) 。剛性bar(CM-Bar;Cendres & Metaux SA)was fabricated(Fig.6)and 插入了3 天在手術以後對協助在防止潛在的micromovement 由立刻裝載造成植入管用overdenture(Fig.7) 。所有步為overdenture 製造被完成了在安置植入管之前, 允許假肢被插入在酒吧的安置之後。

    Fig.4 。酒吧的4 個過渡植入管和附件Renoval 在明確的假肢的安置之前。

    Fig.5 。四根植入管被安置在精神孔edentulous 下顎骨住院病人之間2 。

    Source(s): YAHOO翻譯網
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