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    My name is xxx, I am the siblings without others of only son in the family, father is a professional soldier, mother works in the processing factory, parents have all already retired, is an ordinary nuclear family. There are few books that parents read, but does not require my lessons from little parents very much, it is the development which pays attention to morality, especially the sense of justice and values, let me form the individual character not compromising to the unreasonable thing easily, so there are advantage liked defending against an injustice and overly stubborn shortcoming. Though not top students of the lance before ranking on the achievement of my study, but because deal with the sense of duty and fine and smooth thinking of the thing in the group, can receive the definite and support of the same generation from small to large, though I was being grown up to show loving care for the environment looked after extremely while as a child, generally think the only son apt to form the proud and quite wilful individual character, but the opposite one is because of the impacts on me of parents, let me have individual character and prudent and responsible right personality that are given to doing charitable work.

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