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3.就是在那時,他們令我覺得好感動 覺得他們好偉大

4.我希望有一天我也能向他們那樣, 到處為人們服務




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    1.My hand fractured because my naughty.

    2.I lived in the hospital many days then.

    3.They made me feel moved then, and I feel they,re so grand.

    4.I hope I can be people like them who cater to people everywhere.

    5.Maybe my English ability isn't perfect yet.

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    Sorry!!第四句改成:I hope I can be people like them who cater to people everywhere one day.

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    Sorry!!第一句改成:My hand fractured because of my naughty.

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    1.Because of naughty and hand bone fracture.

    2.At the hospital lived several days at that time very.

    3.Is in that time, they make me feel good move to feel their good greatness.

    4.I hope one day I also ability to they so, everywhere is people service .

    5.Probably my English ability isn't just very ideal

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