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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


我最喜歡去的國家是澳洲 因為那邊空氣好而且人很友善.

一方面 那邊有豐富的大自然景觀 所以居住得環境良好 .

另一方面是 那裡的東西物美價廉 例如:牛排跟海鮮讓人回味無窮 .

澳洲是個地廣物博的國家而且是個種族多元化的社會 但是那理卻強調說英文.

澳洲使我印象深刻的是那海岸線美極了 不論是從事衝浪或潛水都很棒 而且擁有全世界最完善的動物園.

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    I like most of the nation is Australia because of there the air likes and the person is very friendly.

    On the other hand and there have abundant great universe view so live the environment is good.

    On the other hand is the beautiful low price of the yonder thing thing for example:the steak lets the person enjoy in retrospect the everlasting with the seafood.

    Australia is a nation of wide thing 博 and is a society with diversified race but that reason to emphasize to speak English.

    Australia's making my impression deep was in spite of the beautiful pole of that coast line is work on the surfing or dive all very good and own the most perfect zoo of whole world.

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