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請幫我改英文作文:My favorite subject

If there is someone asks me, “What’s your favorite subject?” My answer is, “English of course!”

I love English for many reasons. The most important is that I like to talk to foreigners very much. That may sound strange and funny, but I really like the way they talk. They are humor,天真的,passionate and seem always so energetic that make you very happy when you talk to them every time. 他們聲音中的表情也很多,感覺很有趣!

Second, I love English songs, especially the old ones. For example,~. 英文老歌很耐聽. Their lyrics are more significant than the popular songs. And there are many different stories behind each of them.

Third, I want to travel all the world.而目前世界共通語是英文, so learning English is the most basic thing I have to do. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient. We can also get a lot of international information through English. And those international information are really important in the latter society.






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    以下是我的建議 幾句改一下 會更流暢 再幫你翻幾句

    if someone asks me what is my favorite subject. i will answer him : English of course

    i like to chat with foriegher very much

    they are funny ,kind ,and passionate

    their body language make me fell funny

    second, i enjoy listening English songs....(後面那句中文就免了 加上去會成贅句)

    而世界共通的語言是英語 翻成 and ,the most common language in the word is English

    otherwisr 在這裡寫 or 比較好

    got a lot of info by English

    and the international info are very important for latter society

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    Sarah 如果是你回答的話 我就投給你了

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