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No matter what & how的差別?

No matter what

No matter how



EX: _______ you may do , I\'ll stand by you.

(A) No matter what (B)No matter how



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    答案是A 因為...

    (無論如何)No matter how +形容詞:

    No matter how angry she is, she never yells at me.

    (無論什麼)No matter what +子句:

    No matter what you may do , I'll stand by you.---用你的例子囉!


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    1. No matter what + 子句, .... (子句中少名詞-->即少受詞或主詞, 而由what取代)


    -->No matter what you do, I'll satnd by you. (what 為 do的受詞)

    -->No matter what they tell us, what we believe is true.(what 為tell的直接受詞)(此句出自http://call110.myweb.hinet.net/No%20matter%20what/...


    -->No matter what happens outside the house, don't open the door.(what為動詞happens的主詞)

    2. No matter how

    (A) No matter how + 子句, .... (子句中少形容詞或副詞, 而由how取代)


    -->God is real no matter how you feel.(原本feel應加形容詞, 如feel sad)(此句出自http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/devotions/butler_...


    -->You can't stop my heart from loving you, no matter how you try.(how相當於in what way, 為副詞片語)(此句出自http://www.kissfaq.com/lyrics/lyrics_unrel_0076.ht...

    (B) No matter + 形容詞/副詞 +子句, ...

    (1)No matter how down we feel, we are willing to go the way.(down:沮喪的, 此句出自http://www.ummah.net/forum/printthread.php?t=1444)

    (2)This type of glass won't shatter no matter how hard you hit it.(hard:用力地; 努力地)(此例句出自CALD)

    Source(s): Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & 網路上文章或歌詞
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    答案是A,No matter what 是不論什麼 No matter how 是不論如何

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