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我的名字是XXXX,居住在基隆,就讀聖心高中。我家有四名成員:父親, 母親,哥哥和我,我的年紀最小。我的爸爸是土木工程師,我的媽媽是公務員。我家不是很富有但是相當溫馨和和樂。

現今,我們生活在資訊爆炸的時代。每件事似乎都離不開它。只要滑鼠輕輕的一點,我們要的資訊透過網際網路迅速跳出。我從小就希望成為一位電腦工程師,因為我看見網際網路帶給人們生活上的便利, 縮短了人和城市的距離。我知道貴校;在所有學校之中享有盛名,特別是資訊通訊科技管理學系,培養出許多成就卓越的高科技工程師。所以我誠摯地希望成為您學校的一員。


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    My name is a XXXX, living in Keelung, studying in the saint heart senior high school.My house contain four members: father, mother, elder brother with I, my age least.My father is a civil engineer, my mother is a public official.My house isn't very full of but rather warm and fragrant with with joy.

    At present, we live the times that explodes in the information.Each matter seems to be to all can not get away from it.As long as the mouse is a little bit light, we the information that want quickly jumps out through the internet.I hope to become a computer engineer since the childhood, because I see the internet bring the people the life up of convenience, shortenned person and the distance of the city.I know the expensive school;At all schools in possess the great reputation, especially the information communication science and technology manages the department, fostering the outstanding high-tech engineer of much achievement.So I sincerely hope to become one member of your school.

    As for my future program, will offer all efforts to abundant my research in professional realm, in addition, I will well make use of time to carry on some training courses and attend various seminar and actual situation operation, carry out the programming and the dream of oneself's life.

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    My nane is ??? .

    I have fahter,mother,and borther.



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