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Anecdotal Information

Subjects participated in small groups of four to six. One member of the group was a confederate who delivered the face-to-face, WOM communication after subjects had read the product description. None of the subjects knew the confederate. The confederate stated that she owned a computer similar to the described brand, and, in positive-anecdote conditions, she added, \"It\'s the best computer I\'ve ever owned. It\'s really easy to use, and 1 haven\'t had a single problem with it.\" In contrast, in negative-anecdote conditions she said, \"It\'s the worst computer I\'ve ever owned. It\'s really hard to use, and I\'ve had nothing but problems with it.\" The experimenter asked the confederate to write the brand name of her computer on a slip of paper, said it was the described brand, and thanked and dismissed her. In pallid conditions, the same anecdotes were presented verbatim in a printed format transcribed from a \"Consumer Reports telephone interview with a college student.\"


可以不要用翻譯軟體嗎= =謝謝

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    軼事的訊息 4 比6 個中,主題三五成群參加。 一名成員的那些組的一同盟交付面對面,通訊WOM在主題讀那些描述產品之后。 主題都不知道同盟。 她擁有一台類似于被描述的品牌的計算機同盟規定, 並且, 在確定軼事的條件裡, 她補充說, "這是我曾經擁有的最好的計算機。 它真的易于使用,並且1沒用它有一個單個的問題。 "相反,在她說的負軼事的條件裡",這是我曾經擁有的最壞的計算機。 使用是真的難的,並且我已經用它只有問題。 "T 他實驗者要同盟關於一條文章寫她的計算機的商標名稱, 上述它是被描述的品牌, 並且感謝並且開除她。 在蒼白狀況內,相同軼事在抄寫的一打印的形式內被提出逐字從一"消費者報告與大學生的會晤電話。 "

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    主題參與小群體的四到六。 在主題已經讀產品描述之後,團體的一個成員是遞送了了面對面者, WOM 溝通的同盟者。 沒有一個主題認識同盟者。同盟者陳述了了她擁有與被描述的商標類似的一部電腦,和,在積極-軼事的情況,她增加,”它是我已經曾經擁有的最好的電腦。 使用是真的容易,和 1 沒有它的問題。

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