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因為寫要寫英文履歷 但是 突然不知道這一句該怎麼寫成英文= =+


『我從校園徵才會 得知貴公司有徵 電腦人員 ,而我想要應徵這個職位 』


校園徵才 的英文是什麼吶

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    I became aware of your company's computer personnel opening from the campus recruitment, and I would like to apply for this position.

    Campus recruitment = 校園徵才

    2006-04-04 23:46:08 補充:

    Good luck, Karen! Hope you get the job.

    Source(s): 15 years in US + 10 years of job hunting
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    我從校園徵才會 得知貴公司有徵 電腦人員 ,而我想要應徵這個職位

    I will learn to seek talents your company seeks computer personnel, and I want to apply for this position from the campus

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