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聽完了我的意見後 ,是不是覺得學習比以前有趣阿?你們可以去試試看!


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    Favorite Answer up the notes:reviewing at night, you should work up the notes again. it will be more clean and easy to review.5.reviewing after class:after the courses finished, you should review it at home. if you don't have free time, you can use the leisure time to review it again. so that you don't have to worry about the test when the exam is coming.6.ask the teachers or classmates:if you got some problems, you can ask the teacher or classmates when the class were dismissed. after hearing my advices, don't you feel that learning is getting more interesting. you can give it a try!! 

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    4.整理筆記:晚上複習時,要把筆記再整理一遍,會比較整齊`詳細,方便複習.5.課後複習:今天的課上完以後,回家要在複習,如果沒時間,可以利用假日,把他全部複習完,等到要大考時,就不怕來不及了!6.請教老師或同學:有不會的題目,可以再老師檢討時發問,或下課去問同學.聽完了我的意見後 ,是不是覺得學習比以前有趣阿?你們可以去試試看!(中文可能有點爛,就麻煩幫我翻ㄉ人囉~還有用簡單的單字翻就行ㄌ) 4. Reorganization note: When evening review, must write downreorganizes again, can quite neat ` be detailed, facilitates thereview  5. After the class reviews: In today class after, goes homemust in review, if does not have the time, may use the holiday,completely reviews him, when must greatly test, did not fear withoutenough time! 6. Consults teacher or the schoolmate: Has cannot thetopic, may again teacher when the self-criticism asks a question, orfinishes class asks the schoolmate  After listened to my opinion, wasnot thought study before was more interesting than Arab League? Youmay go try to look!

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