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誰可以幫我找”奔騰年代”的心得? 用英文唷..

誰可以幫我找 關於\"seabiscuit\"這部電影,的三個問題,擇一回答就可以了,用英文喔,拜託!

問題: 1你喜歡或不喜歡seabiscuit這部電影?

2.which character did you identify with?explain. about some of the major themes in the movie.

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    1。I loved this movie Tobey Maguie has showed us that he is growing each movie and this particular movie is one of my favorites even though I loved spider-man this movie is a bis must-see movie he deserves to be in the academy award winners, the drama is great the locations are great,the music is beautiful and all in the movie is a perfect 10!!I loved it ,,and specially the part of when he tries somehow to find out what kind of person he really is maybe because he never saw his parents after all and got to go trough a rough life by boxing and dealing with bad bosses who treated him bad and never actually had a real home and that's how he connected with seabiscuit is very beautiful definitively

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