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    如果你是要跟老外說他不能騎上高速公路ㄉ話 我建議

    This is high way, motor scooters are not permitted.

    Motor scooters are not permitted on the high way.


    You are on the wrong road! Motor scooters are not permitted.

    motor scooter 是指我們正常看到ㄉ機車

    motorcycle 是重型機車 像哈雷那種

    Source(s): 駐美
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  • 1 decade ago

    You got a wrong way. This is highway where is not for motorcycles.

    Source(s): 我 在國外讀書
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    請問:"你走錯路了!這是高速公路,摩托車不行走"英文怎麼說?謝謝^^ : "You have taken a wrong way! This expressway, motorcycle walk " how say English? Thanks ^ ^

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  • Fresco
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    1 decade ago

    You get on the wrong way.

    Here is freeway so scooter is not permitted.



    Source(s): 英文小老師
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    You got lose! This is a free way, car only. 我沒有照字面翻 但是意思相同

    2006-04-02 21:41:24 補充:

    you're on the wrong way.你走錯路了 是這樣

    Source(s): myself
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