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2.instead of

3.I\'m not sure.......

4.and then


6........stand on......

7.looking back...........

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    1--He left us with out a word.--他一句話也沒說就離開了我們

    2--Instead of disturbing her, the news had a stranghly calming effect.--這消息非但沒有令她不安,反而產生了一種奇怪的鎮定效果

    3--I'm not sure whether our team will win.--我不確定我隊是否會贏

    4--They chafled for a while and then went to work.--他們聊了一會兒便去上班了

    5--If a were you, I would never do that.--如果我是你,我絕不會做那件事

    6--The case stands on the witness's testimony.--此案要依據證人的證詞來處理

    7--When you go out, don't look back on me, please.--當你出去的時候請不要回頭看我

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    1 Why aren't you nervous without not finish the home work?

    2 The e-mail apear insteads of the letter

    3 I'm not sure what it is

    4 You can take the bus and then transfer the MRT to the department store.

    5 You must be nervous if you don't finish the homework

    6 Mom stands on I have to get good grade first.

    7 He is looking back that he was young.

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    1.Jane is near-sighted. She can't do without her glasses.

    2.Because it was too hot yesterday, I went swimming instead of jogging.

    3.I'm not sure whether the boy over there is Tim's brother or not.

    4.Tina had a cup of coffee,and then started to eat bread.

    5. If it rains tomorrow, the baseball game will be cancelled.

    6.Now that you're growing up, you must learn to stand on your own two feet.

    7.Looking back on her childhood, Candy realized that Mother was the person she had to pay most respect to.

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