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1.Infinitive Phrases as Adverbs2.It is useless to V/V-ing變成There is not use +V-ing3.make+O+OC(Adj/V-en/N)4.those/the people/one+who/whose5.no/not/never...without+V-ing/N(P)...6.for fear(that)+S+might+V請解釋上面句型的意思 並且造上面的句型 每個句型造兩個例句 例句最好附中文 我怕看不懂 謝謝了

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    1. 不定詞片語當副詞

    a. We come to school [to study]. (我們來學校是為了讀書)(這裡不定詞 to study是表示目的,修飾動詞片語come to school)

    b. I am glad [to see you]. (我很高興看到你)(這裡不定詞 to see you是用來修飾形容詞 glad 說明高興的原因)

    2. It is useless to V/Ving ==> There is no use +Ving ==>~~~是沒有用的

    a. It is useless to cry over spilt milk. = There is no use crying over spilt milk. (為了打翻了的牛奶哭泣是沒有用的,引申為覆水難收)

    b. It is useless to talk him into coming home. = There is no use talking him into coming home. (勸他回家是沒有用的)

    3. make + 受詞 + 受詞補語

    a. Dad made me wash the dishes. (爸爸叫我洗碗) (wash the dishes當受詞補語)

    b. You make me happy. (你讓我很快樂) (happy當受詞補語)

    4. those/the people/one + who/whose ~~ ==> 凡是....的人...

    a. God helps those who help themselves. (上帝幫助那些幫助他們自己的人,引申為天助自助者)

    b. People who use time well can do more things. (會善用時間的人可以做比較多的事情)

    5. no/not/never....without + Ving/名詞片語 ===>不能沒有....

    a. I cannot live without you. (我不能沒有你)

    b. You can never win without our help. (你沒有我們的幫忙絕對沒有辦法贏)

    6. for fear (that) +主詞+might (可能) +動詞 ====>(恐怕....)

    a. She finally ran away for fear that he might kill her. (她最後終於逃走,為的是怕他殺了她)

    b. He got to the station early for fear that he might miss the train. (他早早到了車站,怕自己錯過火車)

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