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\" Tradition is a guide and not a jailer \"

麻煩各位嚕= =\"~中文意思也解釋一下吧~謝謝

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    Tradition is a guide and not a jailer如果直接翻的意思是傳統是用來指引方向而不是一個監獄主要意思是 如果會讓我們被限制住的傳統 那不能稱為傳統 就好像是一個枷鎖一樣或者是比較偏向字面的意思是傳統的定義是要帶領我們創新未來 而不是讓我們被限制住 也就是說 好的傳統是值得我們學習保留的 而不好的傳統我們則應該捨棄

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    It's a quote form W. Somerset Maugham


    Willam Somerset Maugham

    January 25, 1874-December 1965

    Birthplace: Paris, France




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    英文字面解釋補充Tradition means an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, an example from one generation to another.Tradition is a guide that led you and helps you to answers, not a jailer who traps you and confines you.

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