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本病主要通過呼吸道傳播。禽類、動物經由接觸病禽分泌物、排泄物或屍體或其污染之飼料、水源及其他物體而感染。病雞糞便中之禽流感病毒可以在空氣中傳播,並經由風傳遞出去,因此通風不良的窄小雞舍容易經過糞便傳播禽流感。 禽流感的自然感染過程十分複雜,主要以下列三個路徑所感染:一是來自野外野生的禽類,特別是遷徙的水禽,野生鳥類的傳播被認為是最有可能的感染來源。其次是其他種類的家禽,如鴨、鵝。三是來自其他動物

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    The avian flu is contracted through respiratory tracts.  By touching the secretion, droppings, corpses of fowls, and contaminated feedstuff, water and other articles, fowls catch the avian flu. The avian virus hidden in the droppings of sick chickens could be circulated in the air, and spread elsewhere through wind. Therefore the densely populated chicken raising facilities are especially vulnerable to the avian flu through the chicken droppings. The transmission process of avian flu is very complicated. It spreads mainly from the three sources: first, via wild fowls, especially migratory water fowls, they are deemed the most likely media of transmission; second, other poultries such as ducks and gooses; the third, other animals.註:1. avian flu 禽流感 (avian 飛鳥)全名是 avian influenza,又稱為bird flu。 2. respiratory tracts 呼吸道  3. secretion 分泌物   4. dropping 動物的糞便  5. fowl 禽鳥  6. contaminated feedstuff 受污染的飼料  7. migtatory water fowls 季節性遷徙的水禽  8. poultry 家禽

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    This disease mainly passes to breathe a dissemination.The forage, headwaters and other objects that birds, animal pollutes through the contact disease birds secretion, excrement or the corpse or it and infect.Its bird's flu virus is in the disease chicken night soil can up in the air dissemination, and deliver to go out through the breeze, so the bad-ventilated narrow and small chicken shed is easily through night soil dissemination bird's flu. The natural infection process of the bird's flu is very complicated, main following three paths of row infect:While ising wild birds that come from the open country, the waterfowl that especially change residence, the dissemination of the wild birds is thought to is most probably of infection source.Secondly is the domestic fowl of other categories, as the duck, goose.Three is come from other animals

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