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    感謝你的回信,關於信上提到報價過高的問題,是根據你詢價函上的要求所計算,以盡量降低價格。然而商場競爭應該以品質取勝,並非同業低價競銷,台灣產品不再是低價商品的代名詞。根據信上你的要求,所以特別在出口價格上給予一定的折扣,已補貼買方在開拓市場、廣告促銷等方面的開支和費用。有關付款方式,因本公司僅接受即期信用狀,目前暫無法接受賒帳。但為了買方開拓市場的目的性,並本著高度誠意,特接受45天遠期信用狀。Thank your reply, about the letter in mentioned the quoted priceexcessively high question, is calculates according to your inquiryletter in request, to reduces the price as far as possible. Howeverthe market competition should to the quality win, the same businesslow price competes to sell by no means, the Taiwan product no longer is the low price commodity pronoun. On root according to what is believed your request, therefore specially gives the certain discount in the exportation price, has subsidized the buyer to develop aspect the and so on market, advertisement promotion expenditure and the expense. Related payment method, because this company only accepts the immediate letter of credit, at present temporarily is unable to accept the account. But develops the market for the buyer the goal, and in line with highly the sincerity, especially accepts 45 days forward letters of credit.買家似乎覺得台灣的產品不應該是那麼高的價錢,所以還價,老師出的題目實在超過我一個小小學生的翻譯能力,所以希望有高手可以幫忙翻譯一下,先在這邊謝謝願意幫我解答的任何人。 The buyer thought as if Taiwan's product should not be the that high price, therefore the counter-offer, teacher leaves the topic really surpasses an my young elementary student's translation ability,therefore the hope has the master to be allowed to help translation,first thanks any person in here which is willing to help me to explain.

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    Thank you for your letters in reply, mention about the letter that offers the too high problem , it is to calculate according to the request on your letter of enquiry, in order to try one's best to reduce prices. But should win with quality in competition of the market , it is not that the same trade competes and sells at a low price, the products of Taiwan are no longer pronouns of the low price goods.

    According to your request on the letter, so especially offer certain discount on the export price , has already replenished the buyer expenses and expenses in exploiting market , the advertisement promotes etc..

    Relevant terms of payment, because our company only accepts the immediate credit card, it is sold on credit that it is unable to accept temporarily at present. But for the purpose that the buyer exploits market , and in line with high sincerity , specially accept the long-term credit card for 45 days.

    The buyer feels that the products of Taiwan should not be so high a price, so counter-offer, the translation ability that the topic that the teacher publishes really exceeds a little pupil of mine, so hope that there are past masters that can help to translate , anyone thanking you for liking to help me to answer here first.

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