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阿の戍 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Brief article-Cars

Car is one of the human great inventions that brings us a lot of convenience. Before cars

were invented people had created diversfied transports in stead of walk. These transports

are what poeple made with none-machine power as horses\' strength or cattle\'s strength.

However, they are not as well as cars which contain a good shelter if the weather

beomes worse. Cars are also faster and stable while it\'s going on the road. It\'s not until

19 century, cars were made in mass and popular throughout the whole world. As a

result, the invention of cars really bring human beings a welfare.

以上的文章 請麻煩英文高手check grammar 謝謝 任何指點都可提出來!!!

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    阿錩 你的文法沒有什麼大錯誤,但是遣詞用字的火侯還要多磨練。例如在這篇文章裡應該用automobile 而不是car 這個字。因為 automobile (自動行駛)這個字與靠獸力推動的 horse carriage 相對應。Automobile is a great invention of mankind that brings tremendous convenience to people.  Before it was invented, people relied on animal, such as horse, as the means of transport. The horse carriage could not provide shelter and comforts in the ill weather conditions. Automobile is much more stable and faster when running on the road. It was not until 19th century, automobiles became a popular vehicle through mass production. The emergence of automobile contributed greatly to the progress of modern civilization.

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