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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

誰可幫我中翻英 急用 (拜託管理者不要亂刪)

因為我英文很爛 所以才拜託你們 翻譯內容如下


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  • earthl
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    1 decade ago
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    There was once when I was still a junior high school student, the school announced a camping for two days. You can never imagine how excited I was since it was my first time to go camping! On the bus, the military instructor tried to explain matters for attention, however, I was too excited to focus on his teaching. On arriving, we were taken to the camping site and build our own tent. And then, we started our first day of life in the camping site. We were taught of some skills for surviving. For example, we learned different kinds of plants and some poisonous snakes, all of which were things that I have never heard about at school and which also interested me a lot. The climax falls on the very night when each class started the show they have prepared for weeks. Everyone was so high! When we were back to the tent for getting some sleep, the experience was so unusual that I just couldn’t fall asleep soon. Recalling that experience, I know once I got a chance for camping, I would surely be the first one to sign up for!

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