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Yet another scenario is one where the contractor buys parts/components directly from suppliers, and pays whatever that contractor’s normal prices are. At the time of order placement, the contractor must identify that those orders are to support PC. The supplier then gives PC a rebate directly, to get the price paid sown to PC’s negotiated price. This approach is common where PC relies both on internal manufacturing and contractor outsourcing of the same items. Note the similarity between this approach and the one used by Auto. In Auto’s approach, it took responsibility for billing reconciliations. In PC’s approach, that burden sis shifted to the supplier of inputs.

PC uses the rebate approach under a number of circumstances. First, it is used when PC does not want the contractor to have access to its pricing information for whatever reason. Second, it used when the supplier does not want the contractor to know the prices that PC is paying. This latter scenario is actually fairly common with OEMs, and was depicted in Fig. 1





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    * to get the price paid sown to PC's negotiated price 這個打錯字了 應該是

    to get the price paid DOWN to PC's negotiated price*




    這個後來描述的情況於OEMs來說是非常普遍的,而這種模式有在Fig. 1(第一個圖示)中描繪出來。

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    又一個腳本是訂約人從供應者那裡買部分/ 零部件直接,並且由任何那個訂約人的正常的價格處理在那裡的一。 在命令安排時,訂約人必須鑑定那些命令將支援PC。 供應者然後給PC 一回扣直接,對得價格支付把議價播種給PC。 PC 倚賴的地方,這種方法是普通的兩個在相同的項目的轉包業務的內部的生產和訂約人上。 注意到在這種方法和被汽車使用的那個之間的相象。 在汽車的方法內,它對帳單和解負責。 在PC 的方法方面,負擔姐妹變換成輸入的供應者。

    PC 使用回扣在許多情形下接近。 首先,當PC 不想要訂約人由於無論什麼原因能接觸它的價格行情時,它被使用。 其次,使用供應者不想要訂約人知道PC 由處理的價格什麼時候。 這後面腳本實際上用OEMs 相當普通,並且被用圖描繪 1

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