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    There is currently no conclusive evidence that hyperbaric treatments will improve someone more than a few hours (or days) after a brain injury. Two months out may be too late as most of the damage was done in the first few days. The brain may take some time to萎縮, but the damage has already been done.

    In babies/children, the brain has great plasticity, hence, it may heal itself better than an adult, and regain SOME function with, or without treatment. You may want to try it just to give you some comfort in knowing that you did everything. But be careful as these treatments are often expensive therefore you need to balance your other needs too.

    The one reliable summary reviewed all the papers, it's the Cochrane database which is very reputable. Note, the studies are mainly for people who very recently had a stroke or brain injury.


    You can find the rest in Pubmed.com under "hyperbaric oxygen" and "brain trauma".

    Good luck.


    Source(s): pubmed.com
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