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請英文高手幫我修正一下文法吧 謝謝阿~

First,the night market formation:

Pondered by the unofficial way that, Night market the formation reason has very many kinds, but the whole said, the initial way are many by several young stall keepers vehicles gathers at some fixed point,after period of time, because these stall keepers\' prestige unceasingly disseminate, causes many tourists to smell a fragrance

comes, other stall keepers slowly will start to concentrate afterwards, create the preliminary scale, the populace had a county fair from now on the concept. Latter because takes into consideration the time and the cost considers, the stall keepers choose the night to take business the time, from this, the night market has formed has been preliminary, the populace also have \"the night market\" cognition.

After the modern metropolis plan concept forms, the government in

order to cause the metropolis structure rationalization, and raises inspires goes sightseeing the profession, then has formed the stall keeper collection central area plans the night market, and subsidizes

year by year.





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    One: The formation of the night market:

    Coming from the informal way of thinking: There are many reasons for the formation of the Night market. It bascially started with several stall keepers gathering at a particular spot. Throughout time, due to the reputation and word of mouth spread for these stalls, it attracted quite a lot of visiters & tourists. After this, other stalls also start to gather and become the preliminary scale of the Night market and the public then has a concept of the Market. Latter due to taken consideration of the time and the cost involved, the stall keepers chose the night time to operate their business. Since this, the night market has formed its preliminary scale and the general public also have the cognition of the "night market".

    After the formation of the concepts for modern city planning, in order for the government to rationalize metropolis structure and raising tourism, the area for the night market has been planned and subsidized by the government each year.

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