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University of San Francisco風評?

我今年拿到University of San Francisco的TESOL入學許可








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    應該還不差! 我本人是 University of San Francisco 的大一生! 小學校, 小班級, professors are very thoughtful. They will assist you with any questions. The school is located 25 mins away from SFO International Airport, near Golden Gate Bridge. The school have panaromic views of the bay. It a gorgeous school! If you want to know more, just e-mail me at

    Good Luck!

    2006-04-02 04:26:55 補充:

    By the way what is TESOL? I remembered I took the SAT I, and sent them those grades! For admission, they require offical high school transcript, SAT I or ACT scores and personal eassy. So are you considered as a visiting student or international student?

    Source(s): Me- studying at University of San Francisco
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