catch me when I fall的吉他譜

誰有愛西利辛普森的catch me when I fall的吉他譜 最好附上刷法 謝啦

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    Ashlee Simpson Catch Me When I Fall參考刷法: x↑↓↑x↑↓↑↑Am______G

    Am______G_____AmIs anybody out there___________G

    Does anybody see___________D___________G

    That when the lights are off something's killing me

    Am______________G_______AmI know it seems like people care______________________G

    Cause they're always around me

    ________D___________G _________Am                            

    But when the day is done and everybody ru---ns

    (#)Am______C________GWho will be the one to save me from myselfAm______C________G

    Who will be the one who's there______D________________G

    And not ashamed to see me crawl__________G______________Am_____G

    Who's gonna catch me when I fall(#)

    Am__________GWhen the show is over

    Am__________GAnd it's empty everywhereD__________________G

    It's hard to face going back aloneAm_____________GSo I walk around the city

    Am_______________GAnything, anything to clear my head

    __________D_______G________AmI've got nowhere to go nowhere but home

    (#)Am____________GIt may seem I have everything

    Am____________GBut everything means nothing

    _________D____________GWhen the ride that you've been on_________C

    That you're coming offG_______________Am

    Leaves you feeling lost

    Am____________GIs anybody out thereAm____________G

    Does anybodysee_______D______________G________Am

    That sometimes loneliness is just a part of me

    (#)x2G_______G______________AmWho's gonna catch me when I fall

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