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Dr Paul Herzog was born in 1911 in Bucharest, Romania. He was born into a Swiss family who were, for 3 generations, the Scandinavian Consulate in Bucharest. In 1929 he left Bucharest to continue his studies in Vienna. He then left for Stockholm, where he continued his career.For 30 years he worked at the Karolinska hospital, the Nobel Institute in Stockholm. He actively participated in the discovery and development of the " Respirator ", which is used to ventilate the lungs of patients who are undergoing open-heart surgery. He also invented a method by which the respiratory tracts are humidified with the aid of ultra-sound. This enables the exact measurement of humidity needed on inspiration. Another invention of his is the famous method of calculating artificial ventilation is used by hospital all over the world. After 30 years of relentless work, amply rewarded by a Dr Honoris Causa status, the Dr méd. Paul Herzog left Sweden for Switzerland, with the intention of taking a well-deserved retirement. However, after one year of rest, the active mind of Dr Paul Herzog would not leave him in peace. He then built up a small research laboratory, in which he realized something he always believed in the stabilization of oxygen in an emulsion. Due to the importance of oxygen for every living thing, Dr Paul Herzog fully realized the benefits that his stabilization would bring to the medical and cosmetic world. After years of active research, he successfully patented this discovery world-wide. 我沒有要求逐字翻譯喔所以請勿檢舉只是很想知道他大概的內容tks

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    保羅‧赫佐格醫生在1911年在羅馬尼亞,布加勒斯特出生。 他被出生于3 代是在布加勒斯特的北歐的領事館的一個瑞士家庭。 在1929年他離開布加勒斯特在維也納繼續他的研究。 他然後前往斯德哥爾摩,在那裡他繼續他的事業。

    30 年以來他在在斯德哥爾摩的諾貝拉研究所,Karolinska醫院工作。 他積極參加這個"人工呼吸機"的發現和發展,這用來使正經歷坦率的胸懷手術的病患的肺通風。 他也發明呼吸道被在超聲的幫助下弄濕的一種方法。 這使在啟發上需要的濕度的精確的測量成為可能。 他的另一項發明是計算的人工通風的著名的方法在全世界被醫院使用。

    在30 年不懈的的工作,充分由Honoris 原因地位醫生,m 醫生獎賞之后。 以帶應當受到得好的退休為目的,保羅‧赫佐格離開瑞典去瑞士。 不過,在休息一年之后,保羅‧赫佐格醫生的活躍的心將不平靜地離開他。 他然後增加一間小的研究實驗室,其中他意識到某些事情他總是在一種乳膠內相信氧的穩定。 由於為每有生命的東西的氧的重要性, 保羅‧赫佐格醫生完全意識到他的穩定將帶來到醫學和美容世界的好處。 在多年積極研究之后,他成功取得這發現專利權世界範圍。

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