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to run (a meeting)煩請用英文解釋.英英翻譯

to run (a meeting).......請問...\"to run\"...要如何用英文解釋.......英英翻譯...感謝回答...



Terrible!! I feel just terrible! Today, I was to prepare the agenda for our meeting and do some introductions and report. Only, when I stood up to speak, I couldn’t think of any of the right things to say.

Update 2:

Why, oh why, didn’t I listen to my English teacher last year, when she gave us examples of how to use English to run a meeting? I could talk to them in the car yesterday,

Update 3:

so I didn’t think it was going to be hard in the meeting, but my boss was there, and everything just seemed so formal and serious. I wore comfortable clothes, because I didn’t want to be too stiff, but they wore suits. My boss looked at my funny – I suppose because I didn’t wear the right clothes.

Update 4:

Then the customer wasn’t willing to talk about one of the items on the agenda, and nobody knew what to say next. My boss was angry at me for everyone being embarrassed, but she couldn’t say it in front of them.

Update 5:

Besides that once we started talking about one item, it took almost all morning, and one of our office staff had to keep running out to get more information, other files and product samples.

Update 6:

I hadn’t told them what to prepare. Needless to say, by the end of the day, nobody was very happy, especially me. I feel like crying, I’m so upset!….

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    to run a meeting


    to hold a meeting

    to manage a meeting

    to host a meeting


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    Wow, 你把整篇文章都貼上來了,真的很認真喔!Why, oh why, didn't I listen to my English teacher last year, when she gave us examples of how to use English to run a meeting?The most appropriate definition for the word "run" in the underlined term above, I think, is "to hold" or "to manage."It means to manage or to hold a meeting in or during which only English is allowed to be spoken.Definition from vt.To conduct or perform: run an experiment. Computer Science. To process or execute (a program or instruction). To control, manage, or direct: ran the campaign by himself; a bureau that runs espionage operations.

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    奔跑 to run

    to be busy running about ;to run

    集會 或參加者 a meeting

    an assembly;convocation;a gathering;a meeting

    to assemble;to bring togrther

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    operate: direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.; "She is running a relief operation in the Sudan."

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    run (OPERATE)

    verb running, ran, run

    1 [I or T] to (cause to) operate:

    Keep clear of the machines while they're running.

    The government took desperate measures to keep the economy running.

    Do you know how to run this sort of machinery?

    The mechanic asked me to run (= switch on and allow to work) the engine for a minute.

    They had the new computer system up and running (= working) within an hour.

    We've run the computer program, but nothing happens.

    We're running (= doing) an experiment.

    2 [T] to be in control of:

    He's been running a restaurant/his own company since he left school.

    The local college runs (= provides) a course in self-defence.

    a well-run/badly-run organization/business/course

    3 [T] If you run a car, you own one, drive it and pay for the costs:

    I can't afford to run a car.

    4 [T] to organize the way you live or work:

    Some people run their lives according to the movements of the stars.

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