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    Flammable Properties

    Flash Point: 54 Deg F, 12 Deg C Method: TCC

    Upper Explosive Limit (UEL): 12

    Lower Explosive Limit (LEL): 0.8

    Autoignition Temperature: No data

    Extinguishing Media: Alcohol Foam, CO2, Dry Chemical, --DO NOT USE


    Special Firefighting Procedures: Full fire fighter equipment including

    SCBA should be worn to avoid skin contact and inhalation of

    concentrated vapors. Minimize skin exposure. Highly toxic fumes may

    be generated by thermal decomposition.

    Hazardous Combustion Products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides

    of nitrogen, and cyanide.

    Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Vapors can travel to a source of

    ignition and flash back. Closed containers may explode when exposed

    to extreme heat or burst when contaminated with water (CO2 gas

    evolved). Hazards apply to empty containers. Combustion generates

    toxic fumes of amines and cyanides. Reacts with water to give off



    燃燒後是會產生一氧化碳 氰化物等有毒物質

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