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請用"英文"幫我安排 3天




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    First Day:

    10:00 AM: Arrive at CKS International Airport

    10:30 AM: We will arrange pick up at the arrival gate.

    11:00 AM: Dine at a Japanese restaurant.

    1:00 PM: The first stop will be Taipei 101 (shopping mall).

    2:00 PM: Visit the tallest observatory deck. It is a deck when there is breathtaking views of Taipei.

    4:00 PM: We will check in at the hotel.

    4:30 PM: After check in you will have free time.

    6:00 PM: We will dine together in a Chinese resturant.

    8:00 PM: How about a movie?

    10:00 PM: Go back to hotel room and see you tomorrow

    Day 2:

    8:00 AM: Wake up and get ready

    9:00 AM: Enjoy breakfast in the hotel.

    9:30 AM: Check out and head to Yang Ming Shan.

    10:00 AM: Today we will visit Yang Ming Shan.

    11:00 AM: Enjoy lunch at the Landis Resort Yang Ming Shan. This is a three course meal.

    1:00 PM: We will visit a few famous place at Yang Ming Shan.

    3:00 PM: Check it at the Landis Resort Yang Ming Shan.

    3:30 PM~ 7:00 PM: Free time. Don't miss out the opportunity to soak in the oesens in the hotel.

    7:30 PM: Enjoy dinner at the hotel.

    8:30 PM: We will drive up to the highest place in Yang Min Shan and count the starts in the skies.

    9:00 PM: head back to hotel

    10:00 PM: soak again in the osens and see you tomorrow

    Day 3:

    9:00 am: Wake up

    9:30 am: Enjoy breakfast in the hotel

    10:00 am~ noon: Enjoy the facilities in the hotel

    noon: Check out

    12:30 PM: Emjoy lunch at the hotel

    1:30 PM: Head to the beaches at Northen Taiwan. Enjoy the crystal blue water and just have fun.

    3:30 PM: Head toward to Keeling

    4:00 PM~ 5:30 PM: We will visit some famous place in Keeling

    6:00 PM: check in at the Evergreen Hotel in Keeling (rest).

    6:30 PM: dine at the buffet style cafe in the hotel

    7:30-8:30 PM: take a shower and get ready to head toward the airport.

    9:30 PM: arrive at CKS airport and farewell

    希忘以上資料您會滿意, 因為您沒特別指出要去那裡, 所以我用台北! =)

    Source(s): Me- studying at University of San Francisco
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