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    Kaohsiung is Taiwan's second largest city. Kaohsiung is situated in southern Taiwan. Anyone staying there for a few days will find many activities to do. Most visitors to Kaohsiung start by going to the beautiful Cheng-Ching (Crystal Clear) Lake (as part of their itinerary). While there, tourists can get to see and enjoy a variety of flowers and plants.

    Learning to speak fluent English takes a lot of time and patience. To begin with, vocabulary memorization is the key. Then the student can gradually improve on sentence-making and listening comprehension techniques. Then and only then must one practice oral English by speaking. That's when the fun begins.

    Last sunday, dad took the whole family to Yang-Ming Shan to see the flowers in bloom.

    Dad drove for about twenty minutes on city streets before winding up the mountain road to our destination. Green trees line both sides of the road, and the sun shone brightly. It was only when we finally reached the park that we found hordes upon hordes of people also came to see the flowers in bloom.

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    Gaoxiong is the Taiwan second big city. South (Gaoxiong) is located, to any treats in there several day-long people all has many matters to be possible to do. The majority tours Gaoxiong's people all to depend on a beautiful clear lake to start (their travelling schedule). When tourists in that side time, they may appreciate to the growth around the bund the different type flowers and plants and the plant.

    The study said the fluent English needs to spend the very much time and the patience. First, needs to remember many individual characters. Then the student may step to creates sentences and the improvement hearing skill. This moment, needs to practice the speech. This is a time which the pleasure starts.

    The previous sunday daddy brings our whole family to go to the Yangming to view the flowers. The daddy drives approximately 20 minutes in local then on to step along the mountain road to ours destination. Path both sides all are green trees but the sun also brightly are shining. When we arrive the park, we only then discovered a big crowd of big crowd also looks at the flower people.

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