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英文問題 關於顏色的 高額點數

1a black look

2give someone a black eye

3give someone the green linght

4cry blue murder

關於顏色的 請翻成中文


5catch someone red-hander

Update 2:


5catch someone red-handed

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    1. He gave me a black look.(He is angry with me or he hates me. 對我充滿的憤怒與厭惡)2. He gave me a black eye.(He hit me on the eye. 揍了我一拳,讓我眼睛瘀青)3. He gives someone the green light.(He allows me to do something. 給予我許可)4. She began to cry/scream blue murder.(She began to cry/scream very loudly. 大聲叫)5. The police caught him red-handed.(The police caught him on the crime scene. 當場以現行犯逮捕)

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    a black look: The act of wrinkling the brow, as in thought, puzzlement, or displeasure. 像皺眉頭

    Give someone a black eye: 應該是給對方揍一個黑輪, 給對方好看吧~ 參考

    Give someone the green light: Give someone the necessary permission/ authorisation to do things. 給予權力某人做某件事

    Cry blue murder: Somone shouts very loudly in anger, or fear. Same as "Scream blue murder". 生氣地或害怕地大叫

    Catch someone red-handed: to discover someone doing something illegal or wrong. 抓到某人做非法或不對的事


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    1)a black look


    2)give someone a black eye


    3)give someone the green light(是light不是linght)


    4)cry blue murder


    5)catch someone red-handed




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