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    The one you love     Glenn Frey

    I know you need a friend

    Someone you can talk to

    Who will understand what you're going through

    When it comes to love

    There's no easy answer

    Only you can say {what you're gonna do}只有你能決定要怎麼辦

    I heard you on the phone

    You took his number

    Said you were alone

    But you'd call him soon

    Isn't he the guy, the guy who left you crying

    Isn't he the one who made you blue

    When you remember those nights in his arms

    You know you gotta make up your mind

    {Are you going to stay} with the one who loves you你要留在愛你的人身邊

    Or {are you going back} to the one you love還是回到你所愛的人那邊

    {Someone's gonna cry} when they know they've lost you會有人哭泣,當他們知道失去了你

    {Someone's gonna thank} the stars above有人則會感謝天上星辰

    {What you gonna say} 你要說些什麼 when he comes over

    There's no easy way to see this through

    All the broken dreams, all the disappointments

    Oh, girl. {What you gonna do}你要怎麼做呢

    Your heart keeps saying it's just not fair

    But still you gotta make up your mind

    gonna = be going to 為 "現在進行式表未來

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