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題目是 我最喜歡的老師 和 我最完美的一天






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    題目:A Wonderful Day(美妙的一天)


    Last November 24 was my birthday. I had a party at my home. My friends came to my home in the afternoon and I got a lot of presents from them. At the party, we ate a big cake, sang songs, watched TV and listened to music. We were very happy. But all good things must come to an end. We said goodbye at about ten o'clock. We had a very good time on November 24.

    題目:The Best Holiday I Have Ever Had(我曾度過最好的假日)


    The best holiday I have ever had was in America. I went there with my family last year during my summer vacation. We stayed in San Francisco and Las Vegas. It was really great. The air is better than in Taiwan and we had a lot of fun at night, like seeing the white tiger show and some other hotel shows. We also went to the beach and to Seaworld. I liked to play ball on the sand and I saw many kinds of fish at Seaworld. But the best part of the holiday was Disney Land. It was cool! We saw a 3D movie and took photos with Mickey and Mini. However, in America, the food was terrible! But when we were there we bought some clothes and learned something about their culture, so I would really like to go back again.

    題目:My English Teacher(我的英文老師)


    In my life, Ms. Wang is the most important person to me. Her teaching skills are diverse. In class, she usually uses games and posters. She works hard for us. When other teachers rest, she still keeps working and working. When we are mischievous, she is good at giving systematic guidance.

    We are really grateful for what she has done for us. We want to say ”thank you” to her.

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