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1934.6.19th The cartoons figue Donald Duck was hached out from the animated film-”聰明的小母雞”Donald Duck was created y he walt Disney. At first he wasn\'t the leading role, but some day he become he stare. Clarence Nash sustitued for Donald Duk to dub.Untill 1985 he died.有些不會所以沒翻><請給予指教

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    1934年6月9日,卡通人物唐老在動畫短片「聰明的小母雞」中孵化出來時誕生了。唐老鴨由華德迪斯奈創造,原本並非主角,但假以時日也成了明星。On June 9, 1934, cartoon character Donald Duck made his debut (指唐老鴨首次出現,如果一定要說"孵化",可說:Donald Duck was "hatched" -> 要用括號) in the (short piece -> 這兩個字可說可不說) cartoon "The Wise Little

    Hen". Donald was originally created by Walt Disney himself, not as a main character, but later became a star of the Disney cartoon.替唐老鴨配音的是克拉倫司那西,一直到1985年過世為止。一般人一想到唐老鴨,就想到牠的壞脾氣和呱呱叫聲。The voice of Donald Duck was Clarence Nash, until in 1985 when Nash passed away. When people think of Donald Duck, they think of his fiery temper and his quacking.

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