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leojazz asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

We’re very lucky to have him h

We’re very lucky to have him here. In the past, we’ve had a number of—(laughter)—in the past, we’ve had a number of speakers from Taiwan. We had an interview as soon as Chen Shui-bian became president. We had a video conference for an hour and a half, in this very room, I believe, with respect to what he thinks about things. We’ve invited Vice President Annette Lu to come. I only wish the State Department would permit her to appear here personally.

So we’re not taking part in this election. We’re not playing sides. But it’s marvelous that we have the opportunity to hear from the person who’s the now most exciting politician in Taiwan, not only with the women who vote in Taiwan—(laughter)—but with everyone.

So, Ying-jeou, I’ve given a long-winded introduction, tried to put a little context. Now I want to put a little history on this thing.

Many people here in this room are very young. They don’t remember the postwar history that has led Beijing to have a claim against Taiwan. Often, the newspapers portray the situation as though the PRC simply wants to invade somebody else’s territory. But doesn’t the PRC have a claim to Taiwan? Isn’t it the same claim that the Republic of China had to Taiwan? Is there a legitimate reason to support the PRC’s threat to use military power in order to reintegrate Taiwan and the mainland?

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  • 2 decades ago
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    我們今天很榮幸邀請到他(馬英九) ,過去,我們也邀請到許多 (聽眾大笑),過去我們也請到許多台灣的演講者,陳水扁先生當選總統後,我們也是在這一個會議室和他透過視訊的方式舉行一個半小時的對談,了解他的想法。我們也邀請過副總統呂秀蓮,真希望國務院能批淮呂女士本人與會。  我們現在不談選舉,我們沒有在選邊站,現在我們有機會聽到台灣當前最紅的治人物的演講─不是只有女性選投他喔(聽眾大笑), 很多人投他。嗯,英九,我說了這麼長的開場白,希望言之有物,現在我要來做一些歷史背景的說明。  在場的很多人都很年輕,也許不記得二次大戰後,北京宣稱對台擁有主權,通常,我們在報紙上看到的只是中國想要侵略它國領土,但中華人民共和國不是宣稱有台灣主權?中華民國不是也堅稱擁有台灣主權?中華人民共和國威脅要以武力強迫台灣和大陸統一,到底有沒有正當性?

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